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Group Classes: Sanskrit & Philosophy

Sanskrit Language and Yoga Philosophy for Beginners - Learn to read and write the beautiful language that is Sanskrit and start exploring the timeless texts The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads and The Yoga Sutras

Private Classes: Sanskrit & Sound

Sanskrit and Sound Therapy

Sanskrit Chanting and Sound Therapy - learn to pronounce Sanskrit confidently and enjoy the effect the vibrations of the language have on body, mind and heart. Contact:

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If you think Sanskrit is not rhythmical, think again and listen out for the Sanskrit chant at the beginning and end of this song!

A delightful Sanskrit story:


One of my pupils is a six year old girl. I told her about the Sanskrit alphabet and that each family of letters lives in a different place in the body. Her immediate response was to ask "Which family lives in the heart?"


What a beautiful question to ask- what lives in the heart?


Sanskrit gets you asking the questions that matter!

The Ayurveda Institute

Yoga and Meditation

Why love Yoga? It is a challenge to find equanimity in physicality; to really settle into a pose and enjoy its grace, beauty and power; to step into what might be unfamiliar and perhaps even uncomfortable. Because sometimes you realised you have been engaged in mental activity most of your life, and the practice of Asana helps connect mind with this body that it inhabits; this body that has carried you through so much. In 2016, Gabriella spent some time on the banks of the river Ganges (as you do!) exploring Hatha yoga and how it can be linked with sound and is a certified Kundalini, and 500 hr ISHTA yoga teacher.

Spending time in the company of ISHTA (integrated science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda) brings a release, and highlights the importance of mindful movement, rest and meditation in our daily lives.



(currently no regular group classes but if you have one already going, and would like Gabriella to come and teach, do get in touch)


Individual Classes

Available upon request