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Some enCHANTed evening, aka the Sacred Chants Choir, aka Chant and Chill, aka Boom Shakti Room aka Kirtan is on Saturdays from 7-8.15pm in West Brompton.

ADDRESS: Studio 4, St Oswald's Studios, Sedlescombe Road, West Brompton, London (don't use post code in Google maps as takes you to wrong place- left WB station, Left Lilie Road, Right Sedlescombe Road. Enter through black iron gate on right which is opposite a newsagents)




Sanskrit Kirtan - Call of the Heart

(interspersed with traditional Sanskrit chanting )


This is really chanting where there is no "knowledge" needed, it is experiential

The sangha, the group join in, in form of call and response

Gradually the mind quietens and the attention drops to fill the body, and awareness of place, the present, free from the seeming contsraint of time and space

Eventually "I" would disappear and it becomes a meditation


The activities will involve:



Being Full of Joy

Letting body vibrate and be nourished by the sounds

Embodying sounds

Being as a symphony, in union together, one voice

Letting go of tension

Singing with an open heart


We also look at some of the words and language of the Vedic chants in more depth and have a period of reflection on this.


FREE! (Collection box at end if wish to make a donation)


There are some Yoga mats and blankets at the venue and am working on the cushions. In the meantime, do bring a cushion or block to be as comfy as possible and more importantly...


Don't be afraid of your natural sound. They say seeing is believing- well singing is being and singing Sanskrit is being happy.


If you would like to book Gabriella to come for a Sacred Chants / Kirtan, contact The Ayurveda Institute here. Sacred Chanting gives you the opportunity to discover the effect of the pure sound vibrations of Sanskrit chants and mantras on the body, mind and spirit. It is an opportunity for all to enjoy, irrespective of your personal opinion of the sound that comes through your mouth! The practise is not to comment, not to judge, just SOUND, LISTEN and DISCOVER (which means to remove the coverings)!

Sounds of Sanskrit

Gabriella's first Sanskrit CD available here; enjoy the sounds of Sanskrit to sing along to and watch this space for the next release in 2017 featuring Healing vedic Mantras