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CDs available to buy for relaxing, learning, meditation

The Sounds of Sanskrit 

Sanskrit prayers and songs to help you learn and for you to enjoy

Songs for Shavasana 

a compilation of songs ideal for yoga teachers to use during the rest and relaxation time, or for you to lie down and listen to at home


a collection of songs in English (with a little bit of Sanskrit) to cheer you, inspire you, and to bring joy

Songs of Bliss

Some mantras that are full of bliss

Bliss Shavasana Sanskrit Songs Gabriella Pop

Sanskrit Chants to Relax To

Ideal for City Dwellers

Soothing Sanskrit

Please Lie Down and Close Your Eyes

Don't get up for a while, just listen to these Sanskrit chants the words will do the work

Sanskrit Chants to Lie Down To Sleepy-Goldfish-visual-3-1 Soothing English Lullabies for Mother and Baby

Sweet Nectar of Sanskrit                         Garland of spiritual Sanskrit songs to relax to



The Sanskrit Experiment BOOK GABRIELLA TO SING FOR YOU LIVE SHOWS Sanskrit Sound Meditation

Sanskrit songs to breathe deeply to and completely chill out to

Meditate with the sweet Sounds of Sanskrit