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Why: to understand the signficiance of the language we speak

(outloud and in our heads) on our psyche and well being

What: Gabriella will be spending 3-4 months in India (Dec 2019 - March 2020) speaking, hearing and reading ONLY Sanskrit

How: 1 month in Maitri Gurukulam near Bangalore, where the students speak Sanskrit every day. The rest of the time will be in Pondicherry and touring with Dr Sampadananda Das, teaching and speaking Sanskrit in villages across India. The project will be filmed for a documentary.

What happens to my psyche/brain/mind/emotions

when I programme out the English language which

have been brought up with, which gives me all the

rules of society, and speak only the ancient Sanskrit

language, pure, unchanged, for 3 months, and begin

to live, breathe and eat the Sanskrit language?